Smart Parcel Locker features

Smart parcel locker sizes

Modular design and layout

GroundfloorTM parcel lockers have 3 different tower layouts that can be arranged to suit your building's requirements.

Only one kiosk with screen is required to manage all of the lockers.

Parcel locker sizes

4 different door sizes allow GroundfloorTM lockers to accept most deliveries, from post satchels to cases of wine, or groceries and dry cleaning.

Small: 44cm wide x 11cm high x 45cm deep
Medium: 44cm wide x 26cm high x 45cm deep
Large: 44cm wide x 73cm high x 45cm deep
Extra-large: 42cm wide x 117cm high x 45 cm deep



Groundfloor smart parcel lockers apartments

A versatile mix of sizes

16 door tower with: 11 door tower with: 4 door tower with:
- Kiosk with screen -
10 small lockers 5 small lockers -
4 medium lockers 4 medium lockers -
2 large lockers 2 large lockers 2 large lockers
- - 2 extra large lockers

Dry cleaning lockers are also available.

Smart parcel locker for apartments

Versatile finishes

GroundfloorTM parcel lockers can be supplied in a luxurious classic black matt or white gloss powdercoat or create a statement with a unique vinyl wrap.

automated parcel lockers

Versatile installation

GroundfloorTM lockers can be freestanding in your lobby, or even located outdoors in a sheltered location. The lockers are carefully designed to direct any water landing on the doors down through special channels and away from inside of the lockers.

The lockers really shine when they are built in for a flush finish, seamlessly integrating into your lobby design.

contactless parcel lockers

No touch delivery and collection

GroundfloorTM smart parcel lockers utilise a touchless delivery to collection process, offering a complete contactless transaction from start to finish, supporting couriers, building staff and residents.

Deliveries can be made via Groundfloor's courier mobile app, with no need to use the shared touchscreens. Registration on the app is quick and easy.

The GroundfloorTM software ensures every delivery is secure and fully traceable. When each delivery is made, either via the mobile app or touchscreen kiosk, a unique digital signature is created and assigned to that delivery, ensuring the traceability of every parcel. The digital signature saves couriers time, and replaces the need for a physical signature.

Collection of your item is simple.  A soon as delivery is made, recipients receive an SMS with a unique QR code.  Simply scan this code at the GroundfloorTM locker kiosk, and your locker door will automatically open. There is no need to type any code into the touchscreen.

If you would like to learn more about GroundfloorTM smart parcel lockers, please contact our office on (03) 9708 8194 or enquire here.