Premium Range

The Mailsafe APR range of mailboxes and letterboxes can be manufactured in a standard size, or can be customised to suit your dimensions.  There are four models to choose from - the APR2, APR3, Series 7 and Series 7L.



  • Dimensions:  370mm wide x 205mm high x 250mm deep.**
  • The APR2 can receive large quantities of mail, including A4 mail, without folding.
  • Receives A4 mail "landscape" - wider across the front and 250mm deep.
  • Slightly larger than the MSF mailbox as it includes framework around the outside of each mailbox bank or single mailbox.
  • 30mm mail slot.
  • Can be supplied in natural anodised or one of 30 Dulux powdercoat colours.
  • The mailbox door can be at the front or the rear.
  • An engraved number strip is included.
  • Can be supplied as a single mailbox or in a multi-mailbox bank.
  • Weatherhood for weather protection or added mail security (optional).
  • Key lock with 2 keys or latch lock for resident own padlock.


  • Can be customised to suit non-standard dimensions.
  • Aperture flaps
  • Master keys for building manager or owners corporation.
  • 70 x 70 side stands or single box stands.
  • Surround trim for recessed mailboxes - 20mm, 32mm, 50mm or 100mm.
  • Flat door without engraved number strip.
  • Open shelf for parcels.
  • Intercom panel.
  • Replacement mailbox keys or engraved number strips.