Mailbox options and extras

The options below are available on all models of Mailsafe Mailboxes and letterboxes.


Letterboxes for apartments Melbourne

Mail retrieval

The door for mail retrieval can be at the front or rear of ALL mailbox models

Multi residential letterboxes

Surround trim for recessed mailboxes

If mailboxes are to be recessed into wall surround trim can be supplied.
Sizes - 20mm, 32mm, 50mm, 100mm

Freestanding letterboxes mailboxes

Support posts

A variety of support posts can be supplied, either to be dug into the ground, or with
base fixing plates for bolting onto concrete.

Multi residential letterbox numbers

Mailbox numbers

The mailbox door or panel can be supplied with vinyl numbering instead of the standard engraved number strip.

Mailbox letterbox locks


Key locks can be supplied, or latch locks for the resident to use their own padlock.

Mailsafe Mailbox options

Mail slot blocks

The mail slot on unused mailboxes can be blocked with an aperture block, to prevent the delivery of unwanted junk mail.